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Hasbro Reveals New Star Wars Products at Comic Con

During today’s Star Wars panel, the team at Hasbro showed an array of new products from the Star Wars: The Black Series, Star Wars: The Vintage Collection and Star Wars: Retro Collection lines. These new items include: Darth Vader Force...

Walmart exclusive pre-orders coming soon

Last week for Obi-Wan Wednesday there were a couple Walmart exclusive Black Series 6″ figures revealed. The Pre-order date was “To Be Announced”. We got word that the pre-orders will be during Walmart Collector...

Hasbro announces new Retro figures

Today Hasbro release a couple figures that will be joining the Star Wars Retro line 3.75″. Joining the line will be the Bounty Hunters Dengar and IG-88. These characters were first seen in The...

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