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Finders Keepers and Hot Wheels team up for fun

Yesterday we received some news about the latest franchise to team up with Finder Keepers. Finders Keepers is a candy and toy surprise brand. Hot Wheels will be joining the line-up that include franchises...

TTPM Spring Showcase Mattel

Mattel at TTPM Spring Showcase 2018

During the TTPM Spring Showcase we stopped by the Mattel booth to see what they have in store for their Spring toy line. We saw the latest for the upcoming movie Jurassic World Fallen...

First Look at Star Wars Day 2018 Deals

Via StarWars.com: CHECK OUT THE BEST MAY THE 4TH DEALS WITHOUT HAVING TO VENTURE AS FAR AS AHCH-TO. Light. Darkness. A balance. Each year on Star Wars Day, we celebrate the Star Wars saga, our favorite characters and...

Hot Wheels Bounty Hunters collection

Hot Wheels Bounty Hunters collection

While at Walmart I spotted the latest SW themed cars from Hot Wheels. This collection features the Bounty Hunters and includes Dengar, Boba Fett, IG-88, Zuckuss, 4-LOM, and Bossk. The cars retail for $4.97. ...

Hot Wheels Star Wars Planet car collection

Hot Wheels Star Wars Planet car collection

While at Walmart I found a bin of the newest Star Wars Hot Wheels cars. This collection features eight different planets from the seven movies.  1. Kamino – Rapid Transit 2. Mustafar – Fast...

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